About Us


About Us

Clear16 (Pty) Ltd commonly known as Clear16 is a 100% black owned beverages company whose aim is to “make drinking water cool”. The company is based in Johannesburg and currently supplies its products to the Gauteng and Eastern Cape provinces, with a view to expand to other provinces soon.


We pride ourselves for delivering “water the way it was meant to be” and in this process we strive to adhere to our CLEAR values. In that regard we are Commit to providing ethical Leadership in delivering an Excellent quality of beverages that are readily Available and our customers and partners can always Rely on us and the safety of our products. Our CLEAR values, therefore, are:

Product Range

At the moment Clear16 specializes in prepared still water and prepared sparkling water and our packaging is still limited to 500ml bottles. A range of other bottling options will be available soon.

Case of 24 x 500 ml Still Water

Case of 24 x 500 ml Sparkling Water

3 kg Ice per bag

Our Directors

The company was established in 2020 and is currently run by two experienced leaders and budding entrepreneurs whose experience transcends various sectors of the economy.

Mncedi Qata


Gcinumzi Qotywa